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Spring Plans

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I have already started thinking about what I want to plant next year. I always like to try to grow different things, and stuff I haven't had before, and while on our little road trip the other day, I grabbed an opportunity to try something different next spring. We ended up driving way down to the south eastern part of Missouri, down in the flat lands, and I found out that they actually grow a lot of cotton down there. I have never had the chance to see cotton growing up close and personal, so after we deliverd the pup I got the hubby to stop along the road next to a big field of cotton that had not yet been harvested. I was surprised to see what a hard, woody plant it is, short, but just hard as a tree woody stem. I picked up a big hand full of the fluff that was blowing around in the edge of the road and caught in the grass, and felt that it had some seed in it so I gathered up a bunch. Hubby thinks it might be some type of hybred and probably won't grow, or it wouldn't have a long enough growing season here where we are now, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. I'll have to pick threw all the fluff and get the seeds out. I talked to a friend of mine today, oddly, she did the smae thing some years ago, and said it grew well for her, so I am hopefull. Anybody ever grow any cotton plants that can give me some advice?

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