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I used to have a pretty nice Mahjong game on my computer, I believe it originally came from a link here on the give away of the day forum, but I lost that one when my computer crashed. I?ve been trying to find another one, free of course, and not really having a lot of luck. This is the one I am using now http://www.freegames.ws/games/boardgames/mahjong/freemahjong.htm The only thing I actually like about this game is the fact that the tiles are large and easy to read, and the page loads quickly, I have it saved in favorites. So many of the free varieties have tiny little tiles that give me really bad eyestrain. Other that that, it doesn?t have much going for it. There are no bells and whistles at all, no undo move, or hint or anything else. I do like the hint option, I don?t use it much but occasionally I get stuck and if it?s late and I?m tired I need to go to bed and get it over with. And the worst part is that it is a real bear cat to beat, I do good to win one in ten games, which I don?t mind loosing occasionally, but the odds on this one are so bad it?s just too discouraging. It?s so bad that sometimes you get to the last two tiles and then can?t finish the game. I did find this page, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ that has a variety of different games, but most of them are really hard to read the tiles on, or are just weird. So, help me find a good Mahjong game, that?s easy to see the tiles on, not impossible to beat, and maybe has some other nice features like undo for when you see you?ve screwed up and matched the wrong two tiles, or a hint to help you finish up before bedtime.

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