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There are lots of webhosts that offer a free webpage. And lots of the free webhosts offer a webpage without forced advertisements on the page. This means the webhost doesn't place advertisments like Google ads on the webpages of the customers. The usuage of a server is most of the time not free. Even when a server is used that would not be used for another purpose the server costs money. Because the electricity costs money. This means that somebody has to pay for the service of the free websites. That might explain why a lot of free webhosts disappear. It seems that in a time of 6 months about 10% of the free webhosts ceased to provide the free website service.Other free webhosts start in an enthousiastic way. Very soon the problems arise. Free webhosts seem to be extremely attractive for people who use the free websites for illegal activities. This is understandable. The users of the free service don't pay anything. When the account gets suspended because the website abuses the service of the webhost the website owner doesn't loose money. When the website is hosted by a paid webhost the owners of the website might loose money when the website is taken offline and the account is cancelled. And it is harder to stay anonymously when money has to be paid to use a service.Malware, sharing of illegal copies of content, virusses, sending bulks of emails are some examples of the abuse of the service of free webhosts. Another problem is the hacking of servers. The security of the servers and the service of the free webhosts is a point of concern. The lack of income because the customers don't pay for the use of the server space and the bandwidth can be a reason for webhosts to put banners and other advertisements on the pages of the customers, while they promised before that they would not do that.It seems to consume a lot of time to run a free webhost. People have questions. Customers run into problems. This might all cause lots of emails and online questions, that people like to be answered.All this together might combine the reasons, that a lot of free webhost disappear pretty soon.Some professional companies offer a free website service too. There might be several reasons to do so. The advantage of a professional company that takes care of the free website service might be that the liability of the service is bigger.Some free webhosts face problems with the servers. And since some free webhosts aren't very rich it might happen the free webhosts don't have spare servers ready to solve a problem very fast.This means that a free webhost makes it possible to run a website without posting. The risk of getting problems is very high. Xisto, computerhost and xisto have in a way proved to provide in their own way some quality of their services. This means that although it takes time and effort and attention to post enough mycents to keep a website online, depending of the amount of mycents saved and the plan obtained, the use of Xisto and xisto might cause less troubles compared to the use of the service of a free webhost.Another issue of some free webhosts is that they require a minimum amount of visitors of the website. This rule is most of the time not published. When the website doesn't attract enough visitors according to the webhost the website can be taken offline. This means the website owner needs to be in a way constantly aware of the traffic to the website. When the website isn't observed for some time it might happen that the website appears to be taken down.The payment with xistodollars earned by posting doesn't have this problem. The use of the server space is paid for with the virtual money. Xisto doesn't seem to have any rules about the amount of visitors of the website in order to keep the website online.

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