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Tutorial How To Ask A Girl To A Date a little tutorial about dating

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One year ago i was afraid to ask a girld out and didn't knew what to say and what to do and i tought to write a "tutorial" of what i remember reading a year ago also what i ussualy use not all the time but ussualyThe most important thing is all you have to do is be yourself!Do not be afraid to ask a girl out if you don’t at least try you wont know if she will say yes or no so don’t be afraid of rejections . When you talk to her look at her face most of the time at her eyes also remember to smile. Also observe if she looks at you and when you see her looking at you and then make eye contact see her reaction if she gaze for a long time it’s good also if she quickly looks away it’s still good but means that she is nervous.Don't start touching her if she isn't didn’t touched you first (I don’t mean on her butt I mean holding her hand etc..)Also if you want to look at her body don’t stare at her butt or breasts look from her eyes slowly to her legs then go up to her eyes again and smile:D that’s only if you want to look at her and you aren’t prepared with what to say if she observes you staring at her also it gives a bad impression to stare at her butt/breast.Don’t forget “saying something sweet might get you good impression; doing something sweet will always get you a good impression. “(a little edited from a post opaque did)Wear nice, clean clothes and add some cologne when you go out. The first impression you can change it very hard so always be clean, good looking ( even if you aren’t a model if you put some nice jeans and a nice shirt on you you will look coll also try to match the colors girls see immediately if you mix bad the collors :D ) smelling nice , smiling… Also if you have a female friend that you are not interested in dating her but only stay friends and you get along well with her try asking her for help if you aren’t good at matching the collors, or you don’t know how to be a little trendy, a girls opinnion is the best thing you can have :DIf it is the first time you met the girl and don’t know her well but you would like to go on a movie or a juice something like that don’t ask that directly. First ask for her number if she will give you then you are one step forward, if you met with that girl more then 10 times and you know her a little you can ask directly “Do you have any plans for this weekend? Maybe we can go to see a movie (or juice something you want it dosen’t have to be a movie)” also after you ask her “Do you have any plans for this weekend? You could also wait for a response and be more gentle if she said no ask her if she would want to go to a movie with you if she say yes than ash her if next week she is free, if she again tell you that she is busy it’s most likely that se is afraid to go to a date or se dosen’t like you . BUT EVEN IF SHE REFUSES YOU stay cool and don’t get a sad face always smile, respond to her nice telling her something like “To bad maybe another time” don’t try to look as interested as you are when you act like you don’t really care so much she will like you even more don’t do this to many times or she will get a bad impresion that you aren’t interested in her bett change your attitude few days look like you are interested in her then few days look like you aren’t interested sometimes it works because se is now confused and would want to know if you like her or not and if you made her curious about that then it’s good.OFF:also sorry for my bad english if you don't understand what i wanted to write in some places pleas tell me so i could try and explain it in another way wich i hope you will understandEdit:I almost forgot to tell you before you ask for her number be sure you asked her name :lol: don’t laugh you may look stupid if she gives you her number and when you call her you observe thath you don’t know her name stupid isn’t it so be sure to ask for a name before a number!

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