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Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 Clan Interested in joining a clan?

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Hey guys, My name is Aaron and I am the leader of the G0dz clan on Xbox Live on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. We are looking for recruitments as we are trying to increase are members in the clan. My GT is xPR0DIGYxG0dz. I will not tell youy any other clan memebers names as they want to keep the names quiet. We are a group of friends that know eachother from real life and some just off of Xbox Live. If you were wondering, we DO do GB (GameBattles). We have not yet done a match but our clan has varied a bit. We went from the PENS clan to the 2536 clan to the AxxT clan But are now finnaly settled in the G0dz clan. We do mainly Hardcore Search and Destroy but also Hardcore Headquarters. Those are the two main game types we play but if we can all agree on something else such as Team Deathmatch, then thats what we will do. I am currently working on a website for our clan and will hope to have it up soon. There are some requirements for joining the clan however.REQUIREMENTS1. You will have to go through clan tryouts which includes: - A 1v1 quickscopeing match against a clan member - A 1v1 All Guns match against a clan member - A 1v1 match of your choice against a clan member2. You will have to change your name within 30 days IF you are accepted into the clan3. You must make a GB account! If you are not able to then you will get assitance from myself or another clan memeber. If you are interested in join our G0dz clan, send me a message on Discuss Anything, Xbox Live, Or email me at aaronish97@gmail.com or aaronbuffdog@hotmail.comThanks and good luck to all you gamers

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