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Xisto Scripts too much is too much. waiting for nothing

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I don't know if there is , but it should be. A caching system for the MyCENTS script. If it takes too much time to count messages and add their quality to a database , then , caching is the problem. You should have some ID system and fields so , every message counted will be ignored next time. Also could be synced with the "Latest messages" on the IPB.You can sync them , so every day the script will count the posts for the day and add them. A great solution. But not only the speed of the cents script. The forum is loading too slow. The IBP forum is well optimized and works great on other sites. The size of this webpage is OK , so that is not the problem. Some people were thinking it is browser problem, but not for me.It takes too much on all browsers: Mozilla Firefox , Opera , Chrome and normally the Internet Explorer. It might be due some JavaScripts which request something , but anyway i think bandwidth is the problem. The location of servers , their internet speed and ping. I think that is the biggest problem here.Also stupid plugins like status just makes the loading slow. In some cases , the HTML of plugins might be 1kb , but they are loading too much on the server and making the website unresponsible. Moving to vBulletin would be a great way.And administrators should take care , and everything will be cool and great , as years ago.

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