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Drop Down Menu abit help pleace

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I'm new at the forum here and kinda need some help with a drop down menu for my website.

there shall be 2 boxes where in the first one you can choose your Zipcode and then a box below to choose the city you are living in.

so when you choose your zipcode(bar 1) the citys withce are under the selected zip code will appear in bar 2



_first bar with the zip codes_


_second bar with the citys__


i'm going to make this for a company(an internet provider) and they have at least 52 zip codes and 130 citys and some of them are getting special prices.



just to make it easier for the customers to find there town/city


at the moment i have made this.



postcode<FORM NAME="nav"><DIV><SELECT NAME="SelectURL" onChange="document.location.href=document.nav.SelectURL.options[document.nav.SelectURL.selectedIndex].value"><OPTION VALUE="C:\Users\ViruZ\Desktop\HTML TRAIL"SELECTED>Please select your zipcode:<OPTION VALUE="link the the prices.html">the zip code</SELECT><DIV></FORM>

first time working with html and I'm not sure if it can be made be that only, and i was thinking i could get some help with that for some one in here.


and i'm not sure if i'm posting this under the right subject


let me know if it's not understandable^^


^^thanks for the help^^

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well since you want the both boxes are connected, i mean the zip box with the city box in a way that when you choose the zip the city that is related to it will appear. then definitely you will need a php script too not only an html script. also you should have two tables in a database one for zip and the other to the city to save the values in.and in anyway, i was talking about how to make that in php and it seems you are using java scipt. so maybe you should post in the java script section. and i am sorry i am not that pro in java script, so post there maybe you will get the answer you are looking for.

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