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Hey Xisto(Xisto)! Something like a year and a half ago, I posted that I had decided to start blogging. I ended up with wordpress.org 3.0, and a slightly modfied version of the zbench theme. Pretty much I just tweaked it around to get it looking right, changed some internal settings ect; also it is being hosted on my old tech reveiw website(some of you probably remember that)'s host, although I may switch it to xisto if the traffic gets bigger.

So I'm not going for the most credit on the visual part, however my blogging experience has been great! I've had some interesting discussions with people on the blog, and got to share my opinions with the world. Its been a good experience! My most popular, and discussed page has been my livestream, bringing in hundreds of hits. I also have been linked from many gaming website's as I used to play this game league of legends very competitively and streamed it.


I've learned alot about how the internet works, and found some interesting things via checking what websites have referred people to my blog.

So far I've got lots of traffic from russian websites, walmart.com (???), other people's blogs, and lots of search engines. Its really weird finding out what people typed into a search engine to find your site. Sometimes, looking at the search engine refer all chart I laugh at how bad people can misspell simple things (alfakide web log, konnects contriller, ect).




When I last posted here, my websites views was at 0, I'd like to share this screenshot-

Posted Image

As you can see, I climbed from nothing - to getting over 1000 veiws in a month! While this may not make my site an A-lister, thats a great achivement in my book!


Overall, I'd like to say blogging has been a very enjoyable experience for me; and is a great hobby for someone who has extra time on their hands- I would recommend it.


To finish off my post, I'd like to thank anyone who has been reading my blog; and anyone who hasn't feel free to check it out here. I'm gonna keep blogging, and hopefully bring up those numbers even further! Cya!

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