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Well, it has been out for more than three months now. Is anybody playing it? What is your favourite race?I have been messing about more on 2v2 and 3v3. I like Protoss because of their ability to warp units and to psystorm everyone in sight.

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My favorite race is also Protoss. They are very expensive. But what I like about them, is that I can manage the small number of units required to devastate large opponent easily on the map. I am more of tactical player than seeming to play a death match rampage. So Protoss suits better for me. On the other hand playing zerg's seem to be running never ending continuous production of units. Popping up hordes of zerglings on a newcomers base seems to bring the hell out of newcomers though. I never liked the terrans much, since they are just plain human species, whereas I like to play fictional characters.

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