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Genome Sequence Unveils The Unusual In Ozzy Osbourne

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The Prince of Darkness, otherwise known as Ozzy Osbourne, has ordered scientists to sequence his genome. Heavy metal howler Ozzy Osbourne decided to have his DNA sequenced and analyzed to solve a mystery. Osbourne's battles with controlled substances are well documented. He said that his genetic map could help explain why he's still around today. Osborne appeared at TEDMED 2010 in San Diego today to present the findings. Article source: Ozzy Osbourne DNA sequence shows Neanderthals, strange proteins by Personal Money Store.

Why Ozzy was getting his genome sequenced anyway

Ozzy Osbourne's genome had been sequenced by Missouri bioscience firm Cofactor Genomics and analyzed by Knome, Inc. Jorge Conde of Knome told CNN that Osbourne wanted to learn about his ancestry and wanted insight after a recent diagnosis of a condition similar to Parkinson's. The explanation that came had been more about his character. In an Oct. 24 guest column for the Sun Times, Osbourne said "Given the swimming pools of booze I've guzzled over the years not to mention all of the cocaine, morphine, sleeping pills, cough syrup, LSD, Rohypnol you name it - there's really no plausible medical reason why I should still be alive. Perhaps my DNA could say why."

Ozzy is a Neanderthal

The ancestry of Osbourne had been found with his genome. He learned something new. According to Scientific American, Osbourns 10th chromosome has a little segment of something there. This implies that a Neanderthal had been in Osbournes distant ancestry. Years ago, discovering Neanderthal DNA in anyone's genome -- except for Osbourne's maybe -- would have been shocking. 1 to 4 percent of those not from Africa have Neanderthals in their DNA as had been found this year. Learning about being a Neanderthal made Osbourne feel tickled.

Ozzy wins the genetic lottery

A gene in Osbournes DNA makes him different from a lot of people with the protein being developed, which is why he might have survived the years of substance abuse. Osbourne also has an unusual variant near one of the alcohol dehydrogenase genes involved with metabolizing alcohol that may explain why his body has kept up more than would be expected in other people. This had been all explained by a Knome Scientist. He said, "He's a 61-year-old healthy guy, and that speaks for itself. That suggests he's done OK within the genetic lottery."

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