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hey everyone out there, rapping aint my thing but do I careI want to make them flare, going for the scare, doing the dare that only me dared but u just have to bare, if u read this and give me the stare, I wont go into despair,if you like, just comment and don?t be a dike, don?t dislike, I might never get a mic, maybe just go on a ride with my bikeI will do these raps for as long as I can, hope to grow a fan, going for the front man, gunna make a game planu guys can hate, but this aint your fate, if I have to translate, your just bate wearing the armored plateI will get through, got my kung fu to brake down the bamboo, dam whos***, I can keep on with this rapping, u guys clapping, f*** with me and ill start slapping I?m thinking of a good end right now, just get ready to bowI wont back down, I will wear the rap crown, will not be a clown, just let me think of the proper nounthe end is near, just so bright and clear..... There it is, right behind your ear

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