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Proposition B Vote in favour or against it.

animail rights  

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there is someting going on about Proposition B. and the fuss reached the forum of Xisto too. so it became time to see what Proposition B is all about. and Google is still an internet surfers friend. so there we go.


Animal lovers say puppy mills are cruel and inhumane. Missouri has several puppy mills and this November, they’re coming under fire.


Supporters of Proposition B point out that Missouri is the capital of puppy mills with as many as one million puppies bred and sold every year across the country.


It’s a campaign that is now pitting animal rights activists with the dog breeding industry in Missouri.


The president of the Humane Society of the United States is on a tour of Missouri.




Animal rights groups have long come down hard on Missouri puppy mills, alleging cruelty and abuse. Rescuing animals has become a mission of the humane society, which has taken a tough stance on breeders.


Proposition B would force breeders to comply with strict guidelines for feeding and housing animals



It seems Proposition B has something to do with dog breeders. And there are animal rights involved. And people who have an opinion about animals, the way animals are treated and animal rights. nevertheless the exact content of this issue doesn't get very clear from google very fast in a short amount of time.


this website explains a bit more.


Wikipedia tells about puppy mills:


A puppy mill, sometimes known as a puppy farm,[1] is a commercial dog breeding facility that is operated with an emphasis upon profits above animal welfare and is often in substandard conditions regarding the well-being of dogs in their care.[2][3] Similar types of operations exist for other animals commonly kept as pets or used as feed for other animals. The term can be applied to operations involving other animals commercially bred for profit, e.g. "kitty mills."[4] There are an estimated 4,000 puppy mills in the U.S. that produce more than half a million puppies a year.[5] Commercial kennels may be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture which may inspect the kennels routinely.[6]


For-profit breeding on a smaller scale is sometimes referred to as backyard breeding.[4]

Wikipedia information


the information of wikipedia doesn't seem to be completely objective.


The youtube shows videos pro and contra the Proposition B.





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