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My Thoughts On Reality

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I wonder sometimes, regardless of what I am doing or what I see and hear I try to find perspective on it or rather I try to find out if I can attach it to me in anyway. Granted, not everything works out the way but there is always some little thing that finds it way into your subconscious. Of course, it is in my dreams that it becomes something bigger when I least suspect it. They say your dreams are trying to tell you something or rather give you a vague image that you have to figure out. Sometimes I wish I could stop dreaming altogether because I feel my life would be a lot easier, problem is though you just can?t turn off your brain and so you have to deal with it. Such as dealing with life?s problems, there is no way around them and regardless if you found a shortcut, you still have to deal with it. It makes me wonder what life was like when man first became aware, what were we thinking at the time. I highly doubt we were thinking about making bombs, killing people, or even enslaving them, but rather they were trying to survive the harsh reality. Sadly, though those things that I mention became part of that survival.I remember a great book called the Giver, in this book society was completely controlled, everyone was assign jobs when they became of age, parents were given children from birthing mothers. However, later in the book, a boy would discover the truth and it was a harsh truth because none of the people felt emotions. You could say they were like the Vulcan?s from Star Trek, they existed but were so far repressed that they only could be described. Of course, the other harsh reality was that anyone who was sick or old, they were put to death by lethal injection, but it was call something else I believe it was along the lines of the celebration of that person?s life. Which means the concept of reality depends on one?s perspective and since we are all unique in our own ways, our perspectives are never the same. This means our realities are never the same either; however, there are those in societies who have this skill of the forked tongue in which they find ways to make all those different individuals think the same. There are many instances of where this happens at any given moment in any given day, but the most popular versions are government, religion, law and science.It is in those three groups in which there myriad of branches in each group and in those branches there are even more. Of course, the interesting part to all this is that they all intertwined based on that person?s agenda and sadly everyone has one of those because it is there that they determine their reality and where he or she goes within that reality.

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