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Mccodes V2 - Shop With Picture

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Well I'm new to the community, and want to get around. I helped a mate with a problem he had(he's a beginner), he wanted to add a picture for his shops. I coded it for him, I don't know if it works so post any errors. :)



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<?    include_once(DIRNAME(__FILE__) . '/globals.php');//  Not tested!    $_GET['shop'] = abs(@intval($_GET['shop']));   if(!$_GET['shop']) {   echo 'You begin looking through town and you see a few shops.<br />';     $Query = $db->query("SELECT `shopID` , `shopNAME` , `shopDESCRIPTION` FROM `shops` WHERE `shopLOCATION` = ".$ir['location']."");    echo '<table width = "75% cellspacing = "1" class = "table"><tr  style = "background:  gray;">           <th>Shop</th>           <th>Description</th           </tr>';   while($Info = mysql_fetch_row($Query))  {    echo '<tr>           <td><img scr = "/?????/????" width = "150" hight = "150"/></td>          <td><a href = "'.basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']).'?shop=".$Info['shopID']}."">".$Info['shopNAME']."</a></td>          <td>".$Info['shopDESCRIPTION']."</td>         </tr>';  }    echo '</table>';  }  else {     $Query_2 = $db->query("SELECT `shopLOCATION` , `shopNAME` FROM `shops` WHERE `shopID` = ".$_GET['shop']."");   if (mysql_num_rows($Query_2)) {     $Info_2 = mysql_fetch_row($Query_2);  if ($Info_2['shopLOCATION'] == $ir['location']) {     echo 'Browsing items at <span style = "font-wight: bold;">'.$Info_2['shopNAME'].'</span><br /> // <B> is Deprecated          <table width = "75%" cellspacing = "1" class = "table"><tr style = "background:  gray;">            <th>Item</th>            <th>Description</th>            <th>Price</th>            <th>Sell  Price</th>            <th>Buy?</th>            <th>Buy with Credit  Card</th>           </tr>';     $Query_3 = $db->query("SELECT `itmtypename` , `itmbuyprice` , `itmsellprice` , `itmbuyprice` , `itmname` ,`itmdesc` , `itmid`                            FROM `shopitems` si                            LEFT JOIN  `items` i ON si.sitemITEMID=i.itmid                            LEFT JOIN `itemtypes` it ON  i.itmtype=it.itmtypeid WHERE si.sitemSHOP = ".$_GET['shop']."                            ORDER BY  i.itmtype                            ASC, i.itmbuyprice                            ASC, i.itmname                             ASC") or die(mysql_error());     $Info_3 = '';     while ($Reciver = mysql_fetch_row($Query_3)) {    if($info_3 != $Reciver['itmtypename']) {      $Info_3 = $Reciver['itmtypename'];   echo '\n          <tr style = "background: gray;">           <th colspan = "6">'.$Info_3.'</th>          </tr>'; }  $Buy_Price = money_formatter($Reciver['itmbuyprice']); $Sell_Price = money_formatter($Reciver['itmsellprice']); $Credit_Card_Buy_Price=money_formatter($Reciver['itmbuyprice']); echo '<tr>       <td><'.$Reciver['itmname'].'></td>       <td><'.$Reciver['itmdesc'].'></td>       <td><'.$Buy_Price.'></td>       <td><'.$Aell_Price.'></td>              <td><form action = "'.basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']).'?ID='.$Reciver['itmid'].'" name = "shopbuy" method = "post">    <strong>Qty:</strong>    <input type = "text" name = "qty" value = "1" onkeyup = "tot('.$Reciver['itmid'].' || '.$Reciver['itmbuyprice'].',this.value);"  onfocus="clearText(this);"    onblur = "returnText(this);" />      <input  type = "submit" value = "Buy" /></form>   <div id = "res'.$Reciver['itmid'].'" align = "center">   </div>   </td>   <td><form action = "'.basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']).'?ID='.$Reciver['itmid'].'" name = "shopbuy" method = "post">    <strong>Qty:</strong>    <input type = "text" name = "qty" value = "1" onkeyup = "tot('.$Reciver['itmid'].' || '.$Reciver['itmbuyprice'].',this.value);" onfocus = "clearText(this);" onblur="returnText(this);" />   <input  type = "submit" value = "Buy" />   </form>     <div id = "res'.$Reciver['itmid'].'" align = "center">   </div>   </td>   </tr>';  }    echo '</table>';  }  else {    echo 'You are trying to access a shop in another city!';               exit($h->endpage());  } }  else {    echo 'You are trying to access an invalid shop!';               exit($h->endpage());  } }  exit($h->endpage()); ?>

Feedback is welcome. Hope this helps, and see you around! B)

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