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Help With Rpg Maker 2003 Concerning Facesets...

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I've been having issues with my facesets in RPGmaker. So this concern is directed towards those who have knowledge in both RPG Maker 2003 and Photoshop.


I create my custom facesets in Photoshop for use in RPG Maker. So whenever I import my facesets into RPG Maker, there are little pixel dots that cannot be found in my original picture.


Here is what my original picture looks like:

Posted Image

And here is what RPG Maker is coming out with:

Posted Image

The darker blue is what RPG Maker says is the transparent part, but apparently the little pixels of light blue are not transparent, when in the original they are. It may be hard to see those dots when it's this zoomed out, but in my actual games, it is very noticeable...


I have tried erasing those specific spots in my faceset in Photoshop, but that does not even work.


Does anyone have any solutions to this?


Thank you!

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