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How To Build Pc At Almost No Cost

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We're always looking for ways to conserve money, especially in today's economy. What with $400+ video cards and ram prices being controlled by the "Ram Cartel", we ALL need to find ways to build systems cheaply. The following link should help those individuals who have never built a computer, but wanted to try, for practically NO money at all -

Dr. Ashen Presents - How to Build a Computer for Almost No Money at All! -

WARNING - Be advised that is VERY British humor and that this site (the above link) probably won't be up for very long. What typically happens is that this guy (Dr. Ashen) gets his site up and running and it then gets SO many hits that it exceeds it's bandwidth alotment (for the YEAR!). Consequently, it's up and down fairly regularly.

Also be advised that if you follow this guy's directions and burn your house down, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE !!!

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