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Making Some In Game Cash

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I am sure this site has been posted on here before...

metarl.com to make in game cash.

The site is great... all you have to do is fill out a registration, and then start either playing games, filling out surveys and whatnot, and get referrals. You also get point on what your referrals are doing.


But the cool thing is... it can all be automatically transferred to your in game cash of choice. From Planet Calypso (Entropia), to WoW Gold, to Second Life $L, to a few others....


It has not only the online surveys and whatnot, but it also has a way to make points by posting HTML comments, making viral videos, adverting in game to get cash, etc.


Now with all that being said, Once you get paid in game, Games like Entropia, allow you to remove that money via a debit card. So the amount is endless, or as long as the site lasts. But it has been there for a year plus.


Oh yeah, they also have a prize section. Don't want in game cash? Exchange points for items like an ipad, xbox 360, ps3, mp3 players, game cards, etc.


I have already been paid three times in the 6 months i've been there. It rocks!!!


Check it out!

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