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Good Day Introducing

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Hello community.

My name is Marvin Borisch,

I am a young and fresh graphic designer and community manager (at least thats what I get called for baby sitting coders & designers in their sandbox xD)


I also run some smaller Projects


a german blog about Music, Movies and lifestyle in the section GeekChic, HoboChic and Indie.

SpitCoffee is the "provider" of all my projects (earlier called Tokuma Kreativ)

Sponsors: OVH and Gamers-Foundation


SpitCoffee Design & Video

part of the SpitCoffee project design and edit videos and graphics


SpitCoffee Project Lab

Thats actually the reallife part of SpitCoffee.

The "HQ" is in Berlin K?penick.

Sitting together think and do the pre-work of new & existing projects.


Nat and Alex Germany

The official german Fanpage from Nat & Alex Wolff.

Sponsor: Mabi-Arts




Nat 'n Alex United.

more informations soon



I am an oldschool member of Damn-Designs (now Generation-FX) and a former Member of Mabi-Arts.

Actually I am in the Online Design-Collective "Color Alliance" (spread out from ColourLovers in the early years).



Outside of computing I am skating and play basketball.

Listen to music all time.

Talking with friends and am member on serval German boards.

This is my second english board I am member.

So yeah. Rock on.


If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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Hello marvinpoo Posted Image and welcome to Trap 17 oops Xisto from Mich in Michigan, USA.


People here are mighty friendly and helpful, so you have come to the right place for a knowledgeable forum. ;) Make sure you don't post a lot of one-liners, they are considered spam. It is not the number of posts you make, but the quality that earns you myCENTs. Assuming you are here for the hosting options. The packages here are great. Something for everyone. Will watch for your posts. :P


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Yeah , welcome marvin here on Xisto , you came to the right place if you were searching for a good forum where you can post quality posts to get a better quality webhosting or cheap domains.Hope we will learn from yu some designing tricks , and you do the same with the rest of us for whatever you need.Good luck

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