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This site has really changed over the past few months and become a REAL DISAPPOINTMENT to many.. Following-up on a recent comment left by "Mander".

I used to think this was the best GPT site out there. But, not any longer. Over the past few months, I've seen this site change drastically and not for the good!


First off, the Admin. is seriously behind on payments and rather than deal with things in a timely manner, she just keeps getting further and further behind. Rather than truly addressing the problem, she continues to give excuse after excuse, as to why members aren't being paid. Days have turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months for some members waiting on payments. This is extremely disappointing for a site that used to be known for paying on time.


Secondly, a few months back, the Admin. added a "Shoutbox" feature to the site. A very popular and somewhat fun feature for the members to interact? NOT SO..

Whether the Admin. realizes it or not, this has got to be one of the worst things to happen to the site.

Reason being, not for the shoutbox itself. But, rather how it is being used by the Mods and on some occasions, the Admin. herself.


The Admin. has put 4 mods in place to "monitor" the shoutbox, which is a complete joke! For an Admin. who used to be known for being both helpful and professional, she has shown herself to be anything but.. I have lost all respect for the Admin., as she has lost the professional conduct, in which she had worked to establish for herself.


3 out of the 4 mods that were put in place to monitor the shoutbox, have made it a disaster. In my opinion, bringing a very negative feel to the site. One of the mods is a young guy, who is constantly discussing being drunk, cursing and even information on his bowel movements. Absolutely disgusting and way immature to be a monitor of anything!


The two other female mods aren't much brighter. Between the three of these mods., I have witnessed extreme rudeness to other members. They definitely have double-standards, telling members not to do something. Next thing you know, they are doing it amongst themselves.


Also, the mods jump right down the throats of any member who may ask about their payout. Making excuse, after excuse for why they haven't been paid. When in reality, these mods don't have a clue. Nor do they have a clue that some members have earned their money and have been waiting for their payout for weeks..


Lastly and most disturbing, is a conversation that took place in the shoutbox, not long ago. Where'as the Admin. herself (Reagan Stringer of Archie, MO) was seen talking about being in the young male mod's pants, getting drunk and the conversation even led to her talking about her personal vibrator and how she was out of batteries for it, but needed to get some because her hubby was out of town.


Disappointing - I guess is the best word to describe my opinion of this site, at this time..

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