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OK, maybe you find me boring but I have a rely nice tutorials about GIMP

Gimp is Free Open Source Program Originaly written for linux, but there is Windows and Mac..
You can download it from https://www.gimp.org/

When you find new gimp install it he will look a different from photoshop, so you need about 2-3 days to get him be your friend, but then you won't wish to try anything else...

https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/ (it is fine tutorial on gimp site can help you a lot)
https://www.gimp.org/books/ (there are some books about gimp, also some of them are able to download in html style)

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We can place images, style text, and create other design elements for the header. And with ImageReady?s Web Content and Layers palettes, it?s easy to create a navigation bar that changes as the user mouses over or selects a tab.

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