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Compatibility Problems With Google Chrome Some items not displaying like they did in IE

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I have just switched browsers and started using Google Chrome.

It seems much faster than IE, but I have a few issues with my website.

The first one, probably a simple one, is that Chrome does not recognise an anchor, on one of my pages I have a link saying:

<a href="media.htm#NSV0403">here</a>
which, in Internet Explorer used to send the visitor to the page 'media.htm', and straight to the anchor called 'NSV0403'.
The code for the anchor on the page 'media.htm' looks like this:
<a name="#NSV0403"></a>

But, now, in Google chrome, when a visitor clicks the link, he/she is still sent to the 'media.htm' page but is left at the top of the page, while Internet Explorer used to take the visitor to the anchor.

Then, a second issue:
On one of my pages I have an embedded piece of music, which, in Internet Explorer used to show a Quicktime control to turn the music off if desired, and/or to adjust the volume.
The code for that is as follows:
<div align="center"><embed src="Music/Klokkeroeland.mp3" width="150" height="15" align="center" loop="true" autostart="true"></div>
In Google Chrome, the music still plays, but there is no control bar to switch the music on/of ot control the volume.
Oddly enough, all I see is a scrollbar, which does not reveal anything when I slide it into either direction.

Can anyone help me so I can make my page display properly in Google Chrome too, or even in aal browsers?
I will be extremely grateful for any advice offered.

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Though this is late and most likely you figured it out, in regards t oyour link I would suggest that your do the full url and see if that works. As for your Quick Time movie, you need to adjust the height and width of the player and that will fix your problem.

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You are right, Saint Michael, the one with the link was resolved, what's more, I had made a mistake in my anchor name :blush: .However, the issue with the player image is somewhat more tricky:while, in other browsers, you resize the image of the player, in Google Chrome it seems to be trapped in a rectangle, and when you resize, the rectangle grows to reveal bits of the player, but it seems you have to set it to huge measurements to see the player image completely, and that would disrupt the layout of my site completely.

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Then I would suggest you do a pop out window of some sorts and seperate it completely from your main layout.

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