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Tempting Changes World of Warcraft

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Maybe some of you have not heard of all the different changes to the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. I have played the game and off not really enjoying low leveling up and even getting bored at 80 to the point where I just quit and sold my account. Having a few friends playing it though brought me back and I am glad that I am playing it again. For those of you that have played the game before all these changes and has stopped playing since then will probably be tempted to play again as I was. So here is whats up.Remember spending forever getting a group together to do a dungeon just to have people leave or to lazy to go summon at the Stone so you never end up doing the instance. Or just plain tired of never being able to find an instance? Those who have not played they game basically it was a pain in the butt compared to how easy it is now to level up just through doing dungeons which is the fun part of leveling. While questing on the other hand is boring and tiresome at least for me and a lot of people on WoW that I know of.But, now there is a new system in place where you can go to a menu select the dungeon or dungeons from a list that you are eligible for, or you can select random which will put you in any dungeon your eligible. Selecting random will get you extra XP and money at the end when you complete it and a bag you open that has a random item in it. You'll never have trouble finding a group because it searches for members of your party from all realms which are can be in different time zones. You will not have any trouble finding a group even in 2 in the morning.I love this system so much. I have not quested since level 15 ( The level you can use the Dungeon System ) and I am now level 30 just off dungeons. You also level a lot faster this way making the goal of 80 that much easier.Level 30 Priest and 20 Paladin on the Burning Legion if anyones interested in leveling together.

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