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Megaman.exe Battle Network Rockman.exe game

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I don't know why megaman but I think Rockman is the correct name for it because of megaman have a differentstory with rockman and Rockman is in the PET system, Well if you watch the anime of it.But I am talking and referring into a game which I just played lately in my VBA Emulator it is so nice it uses chips like the animeuses as potion, weapons and upgrades.It is an adventure game like pokemon but in here you are collecting Rare Chips and solving some mysteries,I found this game easy and beat the game just today also so I am now going to the next version which is blue and white butI don't know what I am going to choose, its like in pokemon Gold and silver with different legendaries.In here different Navi. Ok guys I gotta go now in some virus busting role and stop the WWW from controlling the net, Woo its cool try it :)

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