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Welcome to Xisto, bucksdude7.You have made the right choice in coming here for web hosting. The plans are cheap, and domain hosting is at a fair price.What class are you taking to learn web design? HTML?Also, don't forget to register at xisto with the same email, so you can earn your myCENT for the free hosting. Have fun. :)If you have any questions, anyone here can help you, or I can help.

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Hello! bucksdude7. We are gald that you have chosen Xisto. It is really easy to get your website up and running. First remember to link your Xisto billing account with your forum account. If you do not know how to do that, basically, sign up here: https://support.xisto.com/ using the same exact email that you used to sign up on this forum. Once you have made five quality points, your two accounts will become linked. If it doesn't, you just need to wait for a while. Be sure to read the ToS, forum rules, and the post regarding myCENT (the virtual money from the forums; used to purchase free hosting). If you like, you can also sign up at Xisto as well. You may earn myCENTs from both forums.

By the way, how long have you been in the Web Design class? My friends have taken it and they have learned HTML, a little PHP, and how to use WYSIWYG editors. I am curious to see how different these two classes are.

We hope you enjoy it here at Xisto. Just holler if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or doubts. :)

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