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Hello Im New

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Well, well, well ..... anouther host an other day, lets hope this ones good :DAny way im frazer bennett wilford i make flash games, amutuar films and browser gamesI hope to make a website portal on this host were i can feature them ...I hope to enjoy my stay here.--------Frazer Bennett Wilford:)

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Welcome to the Xisto, frazer690.

You can read the rules here, if you haven't already:


To earn web hosting here, you need to stay active on the forums, and keep posting. The longer your post is, the more myCENT you earn for each one. To start earning myCENT, you will need to register to this link, with the same email you used to register your Xisto forum account:


What type of flash games have you made and amateur films? I am sure everyone here would like to see some of them. :)

By the way, it is against the rules to post your signature in each of your posts, at the end. To add a signature follow these steps:

1. Go to "My Controls"

2. Scroll down to "Personal Profile"

3. Click "Edit Signature"

4. Add whatever you want to the box below

5. Hit submit and your signature is now added

It will be under all your posts, but it is in it's own area, under the Report button.

Hope you enjoy it here.

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