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One Of My Poetrys!

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hey guys, I write lots of poetry.

some of it, or most of it.. it depressing.

i post a lot on deviantart..

so i'll post some here


title: Goodbye my sweet princess


a power outage; as some may say,

i'd say it's caused by complete delay,

delay from your heart, it's beating slower than mine,

and can you imagine? i'm half dead and you're doing fine.


Is this the line that we must come to a halt?

no more talking to eachother? no more discussing who's at fault,

no more crying, no more hopeless notions,

being saddened by you, and the loss of emotions,

depression is my only choice,

there's nothing else, it's the way i raise my voice,


cause i don't matter, you knew it in advance,

that's why i splattered at first glance,

i hurt more than a knife in my eye,

that's why I must say goodbye.

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