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How To Record Gameplays Without Dazzle

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I know many of you want to record gameplays of you doing something cool like glitching, montage, or just for fun. I'm sure you all heard of a device called Dazzle that can record but do you have the money for it? It's obviously most of you don't have enough money (like me) that can't afford to buy it so in this tutorial, I will show you how to record gameplays and cheaper!


What will I need

Well I'm going to do 2 tutorials, one with VCR and one without them. One with VCR is cheaper than without it. Ok so here what you need:



-1 EasyCAP

-1 Triple RCA

-1 brain



-Gaming Console


Without VCR

-1 EasyCAP

-2 Triple RCA Cord

-1 brain


-3 phono adapter


You can get all of these item under $20-$30 except the console.


Getting Started

So lets get started, first, gather everything around you and make sure you have all the following list above. When you buy EasyCAP, it should come with a USB Adapter (to make it longer for it to reach), ULead disk, and EasyCAP(not sure if that's all, I brought mine online).


Installing without VCR

Yes VCR, the good old times, I still have it so I'm going to show you how to install if you have VCR.


1. Take your EasyCAP and your Triple Adapter. Connect the triple adapter with EasyCAP (if you don't know how, just do color by color).


2. Now take your phono adapter and connect to the other side of the end (doesn't matter where you plug it in).


3. Take the other triple adapter and connect them to the back of your TV (Some TV allows you to connect in front of the TV). If you don't know where to plug them in, you have to conect them to Input, not Output!


4. Once that is done, take your console adapter and plug them into the phono.


I will actually stop here for now because I need to get pictures how to do it and I also need to sleep.

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Ok well I don't know how to edit this topic, if anyone know how, please tell me because I can't find the edit or a moderator and merge the forum together. Thanks.


Now sorry for the long wait, anyways, I'm going to add some pictures soon.


I also have some errors in my tutorial. What I meant to say instead "I still have it so I'm going to show you how to install if you have VCR." was that I was meant to say I'm going to show you how to install if you don't have a VCR. So here a tutorial that I will show you how to install with VCR.


Installing With VCR


1. Take your triple RCA and connect it to EasyCAP adapter.


2. Connect the other end of the triple RCA to the Output on the VCR. (If you connect in Input, you will have to play on your computer so connect to Output)


3. Connect your console (Wii/360/PS3/etc) to Input of your VCR.



The VCR only takes like 3 step to do and it's a piece of cake also.

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Ok today I'm going to show you how to start recording! Yay :angel:

I hope you guys are excited as I am (Not sure if you are or not but the tutorial must go on)


Using EasyCAP


Well first of all, when you buy EasyCAP, it will come with a CD. What you will need to do is pop that CD inside your CD drive. It will come up a menu and first thing first is you need to install the first one on the menu (and I believe it's the driver). After you install the drive it will ask you to restart your computer so you will need to restart your computer and come back here.


Good you restarted your computer, now once again, pop the disk back in and install Ulead VideoStudio. When you install it, it will ask for the serial code so you put in the code that came with your EasyCAP. I think it should be somewhere on the CD case.


After that, just keep clicking next and make some adjustment like where you want to save the program at and just wait until it's done installing. Once that is done, disconnect your EasyCAP and reconnect it again.



This is my setup for recording.


When you open Ulead, make sure you uncheck 16:9 and Do not show this message again. After they're both unchecked, click on Movie Wizard.


Now when it's done loading, I think you guys are probably thinking, "Hey! Why do I only see a black screen?" well for one thing, you haven't record it yet so in order to see what you're recording, click on Capture.


When you click on Capture, there will be pictures or a game that you want to record. At this point, you're all will be like ooo awesome! Well that isn't the best part yet (or is it?) so what you want to do now is click on Option.


I'll stop here due my Triple RCA that is ripped and cut and I will need buy a new one.

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