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There wasn't really any other place I could put this. May I recommend making a Game News forum. :)Ok just thought I would share the information on my latest Game Informer for any of you gamers out there getting antsy for your favorite titles to finally come out. They stated that Diablo 3 will be coming out soon. And then they say soon is 2011! This is ridiculous they need to stop working on SC and ANOTHER Wow expansion and just get done whats important. :D Also a new Warcraft game may not just be a dream to me and many others. You might start seeing one in production 2013. They practically confirm a new Warcraft game. Which I am glad they will be doing. Also some predictions on new titles coming out that will not be the standard 60$ but actually lower. And project Natal ( A remote-less motion system almost like the will but with no controller ) will be seen as soon as 2011. Predictions for Nintendo say they will be coming out with a HD Console that is not going to be a Wii. Thats all for no :( ( Expect more updates in the future )

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