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Rawr Boo [lol]

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Hi im new how do I earn points for a domain thing

Welcome to Xisto forums Logical, I can see you already signed up for your xisto account. Thus you will already be earning cents for quality posts. Short one line posts won't help much to earn cents. Try to post longer posts and then you'll see how easy the cents roll in. Once you have 100 cents it will get transfered to your xisto account where you can purchase stuff like domain names or hosting packages. The cheapest hosting package costs just under $2. It costs just under $10 for a domain name for 12 months. Avoid spamming and plagiarism, if you quote something put it in the proper quote boxes provided when you create a post. Remember, you can go into negative cents here in Xisto forums by breaking rules or being inactive.
Also when you or a admin / mod edit your post it will be recalculated and cents will be added or deducted from your account. I suggest you edit your introduction post and tell us a bit more about your self, this should earn you more cents. Apparently choosing a proper topic name and description for your post also counts to how much you earn. I think "Rawr Boo [lol]" as a topic is awesome but i don't know if the point system here will agree with us. :P
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