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Why Hello Thar. Only me. Im bonkers I am.

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Well hello. The cool breezes are wafting in through my open window and my brandy glass is refilled. What better way to spend an evening than talking about myself to strangers?

My name is Alex, I'm 16 years old and I live in London. I've been hosting websites on and off until about two years ago when I thought 'This is getting silly'. I started a forum when I was 11, and managed to pull the sum total of 28 friends to post there. Pretty ranchy stuff, which lead the forum to be shut down.

My friends started messing around with Flash, so I started a site to post the creations (each one more lewd than the last). Eventually everyone got bored and I shut up shop. I then went on a two year bender(?) making meaningless websites that focused more on looks than content. Literally there was nothing on them other than a logo and some hair-brained concept. (I'll admit that two were hosted on Xisto)

Three years later I turned 16, and within a month I decided to start up a proper site. 'Proper' meaning actual content and proper advertising. I've already written some humorous (They were funny when I was drunk) articles, and I'm interested in ringing together other people to write.

I'm also mad keen on art, and spend at least an hour a day drawing gratuitously violent pictures which inevitably get me into trouble at school (on one occasion I drew a friend being ripped in half by a naked baby and some genious decided to thumb-tack it to the notice board in the school's main hall).


Anyway, enough about me, it's you I'm interested in. If you're interested in writing articles of a debaucherous nature then please PM me post haste- otherwise just have a look around. My site is on another host, but I'm planning to switch here because of the lively forums (no jokes, my other host is full of spammers and adbots).



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