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Wix The Improved Free Flash Design Program

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Wix is an amazing flash program that doesn't cost any money, has been around for a while but has not been recognized but is AMAZING! Do you want to add realistic animations like fire and lightning bolts?! Or maybe you want to add a heartbeat monitor? Do you want to add noises when you scroll over something? Do you want to upload a door and put a premade creaking noise when you open it? Do you want to make a beepign noise when you scroll over the heart monitor? Wix offers lots of friendly layouts (which some can offenly be confusing) that will make your user want to click more and well think "how did he do that?" Wix does label credit for themselves on their site obviously unless you pay for it. Sorry no Mycents like in Trap 17 (:. Anyways if you are looking for a free, friendly editor that your somewhat tech savvy gramma can do than Wix is here. http://www.wix.com/ Get Ready for the new era of editors.

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But still its a way of earning money by the company.Although they provide a lot of features for free, but there paid plan has things essential to run a professional website.SO for sure again nothing in this world is free of cost.

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