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Aion Hasn't Died! Xd It seems they do have something planned.

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Well I was doing my usual search through the internet when I wanted to check up on Aion, well the site of course I see the usual problems I encountered when I played the game, no GM support. Yes they allow you to send tickets but the answers seem so robot, its as if its an auto generated reply. Plus on the forums, GM Support is non existent, I wonder as to why they even create a Technical Support Section when there isn't any to begin with. I remember at the time I was having a problem connecting with the game, the game just would not stay connected for more than 10 minutes and no it wasn't a fault with my provider as it was allowing all connections, there was no blocks within their systems to this game but they just refused to believe it was a problem on their end. Either way several other players seemed to be getting the same problem and in time majority of them quitted, I'm not even sure how much subscribers the game have now but at launch they made a whole heap just to disappoint everyone later on.

Anyways enough with the bad talk, although if I never seen this video of the new generation of Aion or how it made me change my view of the game just for a second even though I'm sure the same bad GMs will probably be running it when it arrives to the states. Anyway within this video I'm about to show you it indicates how swimming, riding of animals and more visually appealing battle and scenaries of the game will become like. Yes it seems someone (NCSoft) will be trying to compete with the other mmos (Tera, FF14, Blade and Soul.. etc) for the coming year. I couldn't deny how great the game looked within this video and was actually amazed they were still working on the series, since though its new within America it has been out within Korea for quite some time now. Plus as show within the video you can create even your own homes to your liking and even create a city. So the game seems it will be more than just a mmo where you go out and kill stuff but adding more personal things that will make you enjoy the game just a little more. Anyway, here is the video guys:


Enjoy :)

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