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False Ideas About Love

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Hi everyone as long as I can I will make this topic clear.. I don't know if this was the right corner for my topic but this was all about love


This is just some of my ideas on love and romance. Feel free to disagree. LOL

before anyone calls me an old fuddy duddy that has never been in love , I am not. I know love can be joyous part of life and have enjoyed its fruits myself before. :P


I believe many people are being trained on false ideas about love and passion.

Nature wants us to procreate, etc, but it doesnt mean making the wisest decisions. :P


Following one's heart is not always a good thing. In centuries past and in other cultures, the parents used to pick ones spouse, but who wants to go back to that, but hopefully if one had kind parents, who were looking out for you, they would choose someone who was stable and kind. Community ties and family ties also were a large part of marriage, and keeping them more stable.


There seems to be an idolizing and devaluing of romantic relationships and devaluing of committed relationships all at the same time in our society. This false idea of romance and love, and the hearts, romance and flowers lasting for years, is wrong. That love will disappear and be replaced by hopefully something stronger but hopefully one has chosen a stable mature partner, but if they havent, that is where the pain can really begin. If your spouse is still living teenage dreams at the age of 45 you are in trouble but how do you deal with these things, when society lies about romance and love in general? Both men and women are living in total confusion. Outside of a few churches and other books that tell a little bit of the truth, everyone is being handed the false dreams. Reality simply does not measure up.



Someone wrote about young girls not being able to stand on their own in another post, and I do see that as a problem. So much of community has broken down, even families, that too many young women, and others are looking to the spouse or romantic relationships to be their all in all. There is this weird idolization of the romantic relationship where people go looking for love, thinking it will COMPLETE THEM. No person can do that on the planet for anyone else. I believe God can fill the hole inside but even there, one person cant be everything to someone else even for a human being's social needs. That is what I mean about idolization of the romantic partner. Every song about love, so much on TV, "my life will be complete if I have so and so" etc. With young girls today, where they are even led to compete with each other, and no stability in their lives, they are handed this false dream of "love" and "romance" solving all their problems. :)


I know of a guy who even threatened suicide :P over the phone because his girlfriend of one month was not exclusive with him, this is someone in their 50s. While someone like that may have depression and other problems, that was troubling to me. Didnt he have other life ties or anything else he was comitted to like a cause or higher ideal?


What is being done in this society, where there is this idolization of romantic relationships is being coupled with a devalument of societal ties, it is an odd mixture but I think leading to far more troubled people. People are running from one person to the next looking for this 'completion".


Hope this makes sense.

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