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Highschool Help With A Girl

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This September, I have re-entered high school. I have liked a girl for the past two years, and we have been quite good friends since then. However, I still haven't been able to take any romantic steps. To give a good description of the environment I'm trying to describe, I'll give some details in chronological order:Year 1: -I first met this girl since she started taking my bus from school-I made her laugh a LOT and sat next to her in one class that we shared-She invites me to her house with her friend (so 3 of us), but I wasn't myself that day and I don't think she enjoyed that day.-She admits to me that she "sort of" likes my friend, who i knew liked her-My friend told her he liked her, she responded inconclusively (not yes, not no, just like "i don't know"). nothing developped out of that-About 2/3rds through the school year, she meets this other guy that also goes to my school and is very touchy with him (always touches his arm/face/anything whenever she gets a chance)-At the beginning of that summer, I saw her once among many people, including the touchy guy and my friend. She showed no interest in me at all, obviously going out of her way to not sit next to me, and whispering to her friend and saying "ew" about me:lol:Year 2:-My friend from last year drifts away from her, and he is out of the picture. The touchy guy moves closer to her, she often refers to him as "like a brother". She also becomes close to this other guy (i'll refer to him as #3), who she sits next to in her classes with him. I've seen them draw hearts on each other's papers.-At this point, I thought I was over her and didn't talk to her as much.-We have no classes together this year, but we see each other often after school in extracurricular activities and on the bus-In the second half of the year, seems to be interested in me, and we sit together on the bus for our school trip to Boston. However, during that trip in Boston, #3 aggressively flirts with her and she seems to respond positively.-That summer, she goes on vacation, and meets another boy. from what i hear, they kissed. when talking to her female friends, she brings him up often.-I find out from her friend that she liked me during the second half of year 2 prior to going on vacation. However, I do not know whether I have been replaced for this vacation-boy.Year 3:-I just started Year 3 about a month ago. We have several classes together. In some, she sits next to me. In others, she she sits next to #3. In other, she sits next to the touchy guy.-I've brought up many of the inside jokes and habits we used to share from Year 2, but she unenthusiastically responded.-#3 has returned to the scene, loudly calling her "good-looking"Thanks for reading all that, I know it's not very short, but I really wanted to give you the complete picture.My questions are:1)Does she still like me?2)How long can she keep the boy she met on vacation on her mind, since he lives quite far away and I don't believe they've spoken since.3)Is the touchy guy a threat? What about #3? She seems to attract a lot of guys, do I have a chance?4)If in question 3, you say I have a chance, what should I do? Tell her I like her? Or ask her out? How/when/where should I do that?I'm not a completely inexperienced guy. I've been on dates with other girls before, but I have never felt true love the way I do with this one.Keep in mind that in school, there are very large friend circles, and the friend zone is hard to avoid. Please hesitate before shouting "FRIEND ZONE!", as in this context, I don't think it is as strong.Thank you SO MUCH! =]

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Assertiveness, simplicity, and affirmation are your three most powerful attributes when it comes to showing interest in the opposite sex and getting it back. The only approval or "chance" you need for you to move forward exist entirely in your mind. The circumstances and conditions are exactly what you decide to make of them -- nothing else matters.


In other words, if you like this girl -- or any girl in the future -- ignore everything that led up to this point and everyone else involved. All you should concern yourself with is walking up to the girl that interests you and making conversation and dealing with her directly whenever you have an open, available moment to do so. Make her feel acknowledged and appreciated by giving her genuine attention. Maintain eye contact, smile often, make her laugh, and listen to what she has to say with positive reception. Make her feel good, compliment her often; flattery, even when it's most awkward and goofy, is always agreeable to the ears and very pleasurable to accept, especially for a female. Girls are more insecure, responsive, and sensitive than you think, and so they want to believe good things about themselves and will enjoy having someone make them feel this way.


It's well-known that women are by nature the passive sex. Even the most extroverted, confident kind of girl will generally prefer a man who can take charge and show his assertiveness. This does NOT mean girls like an *BLEEP*. It means you should have steel in your spine; walk and talk like a man who knows what he likes, what he stands up for, and is confident to show that to others. It's just that most *BLEEP*s are obnoxious and pushy anyways so the traits get confused from a distance and a lot of girls can easily be manipulated by an aggressive *BLEEP*. Don't be afraid of those type, especially in high school -- you can be kind but assertive and self-confident at the same time.


Don't pay any attention to any other guys. If you love this girl, then you are the only one that matters in her life. Always keep this in mind and never second guess yourself.


However, and above all else, show the girl you like respect. In the rare event she has the tenacity and callousness to reject you completely, just respect her wishes and move on. If you followed what I said and played it straight with her, then she wasn't right for you anyways. You have nothing to regret when you did what you could honestly and confidently. There are plenty of attractive girls out there that value a man who values himself and has the confidence to show interest in them.


Rule of thumb: if you don't know what to do, choose confidence. You can only fail if you think you will, and you're only intimidated when you allow it.


Last but not least, take it easy on yourself and be light-hearted. It's still high school; most people here are still immature and confused in a lot of ways. You just gotta go with the flow and take what comes with a grain of salt. Your experiences will shape how you approach life in the future, so it's better now to build your confidence and keep things simple. If a girl breaks your heart, then you don't want to waste valuable years of your youth becoming angsty and cynical about woman.


Good luck :lol:

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