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Hysteria-ro Recruiting low-rate server project

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Hysteria-RO (provisory name) is a project whose goal is to make a low-rate (arround 5/5/4) ragnarok online private server.


We are currently too few and we need more people in order to be able to complete the project.


The server is currently recruiting:

-1 Webdeveloper/Webmaster

-Several competent eAthena scripter (who know how to use bitmasks, use switch+select instead of menu, while loops instead of goto,...)

-If you don't fit in one of the previous categories but you'd like to help us anyway, you can still contact us and we may find something useful you could do.


You can contact me using msn/Skype:


msn: cyberdemon8888@hotmail.com

skype: Cyberdemon87


or you can go to our forum

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hey i love ragnarok..!! expect me to register :lol: if you need help just pm me i am also a developer or a GM of many RO private serversone day i also create my own RO private server but it doesn't exist now.. that was the bad thing members don't want to donate for theserver that's why i decided to close it

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