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Is My Project Feasible? mobile video cum webcam application

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Hi everyone!


I am a final year engineering student so I need to submit a final year project as they say it here. I have a team of four. I have gone through many project topics but this one seems intriguing and this is something new I want to do.


Here's what I want to do...I want the mobile camera on cell phone to act as a usb webcam. I have searched internet about it. There are only two softwares available for this one is Wiwigo and the other is mobiola.

Both of these software are meant for Nokia that is for the Symbian operating system. And both of these worth through bluetooth and not through usb.


What I want to do is make a similar,but I want to do it with the iphone. I know some of its libraries are available. I havn't worked on anything relating to mobile devices. The IDE used for iphone application development is Xcode and I have heard that to develop something related to iphone you need to be a registered developer with the company. Is that true?


Second thing is that I don't have a mac , I have a PC instead. Would it be possible to develop the application on the PC.


All I want to know is that is to possible for four guys to do something like this in less than 7 months.

I know its too difficult,but I want to know your views so that I don't end up wasting my 6 months and hard work for nothing?


Is this feasible? Doesn't seem like to me. Please tell me and if its possible please help me in this regard in any way you can?

meanwhile I am searching for other project ideas...or you can suggest me some new ideas I would be very thankful.....

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hey...what college are u in??? n which city???i know these things bear no releavance to the question ...but just out of curiosity....because coincidently me n my friends are thinking abt d same idea...n we r trying to get some help from a couple of guys we kno in iphone.....welll i cant help u at the moment...but yeah may be we can help each other later...

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