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Frozen Embryo

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Not to re-hash the abortion ideas, but I'm curious what you guys think about this case. I'd imagine that most pro-lifers would be against freezing embryos anyway (ie more for adoption).

This ruling bothers me.

For example:

What if an embryo miscarried due to something thing the mother does... high stress activity, etc... charge the mother with involuntary manslaughter?


An egg is fertilized inside a woman. She doesn't realize she is pregnant until 4 weeks later (missed period). During that time she drank heavily. The baby is born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome defects. Shouldn't she be charged with attempted involuntary manslaughter?

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Your joking right. What you do, mandate that every sexually active girl takes a birth control test every week? For girls to take birth control tests at schools? Could you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they didn?t take the test if the mother claimed she did and it didn?t work?

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