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How To Import Css Styles Into Dreamweaver Cs4

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Here's how to import a CSS style into Dreamweaver CS4. When you purchase/download a theme, you will notice that you will get a few files and then a .css file. If you open that directly using Dreamweaver, you will notice that it will fail. Here are the steps to make it work correctly: 1). Open up Dreamweaver and on the main panel (NOT the pretty green one, but the grey panel above that) click Site. 2). Click "New Site," and then name it whatever you want. 3). You will notice that the green box with the new html page, etc. still stays open. Open up the folder where all of your css items are stored (you should have an index.html, pictures, etc.). Drag those to the right under the folder where it says "Site" or whatever you named it. 4). Click on the index.html or whatever the main .html file is called. The pretty green dialog box will disappear, and there is you template that you can edit!

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