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[gta] Modelling For Beginners

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I wrote this tutorial. If any staff mods or addons for the forum say its copied, yeah, it is but from another forum I posted:


This tutorial is fully written by myself and will have pictures ;)

So, well you want to model and you don't know where to start? Then follow this: Start by downloading or "getting" Sketchup PRO!!! Then start modeling, the tools icons all say by theirselves. Model until you get this (for example):

Posted Image


Now start adding detail to it (invent something). To add a roof, make a perfect line with the pencil right at the middle of the square and then use the Move Tool to get it up and make a roof:

Posted Image


Now let's texture it. It's self explanatory, you can use the paint bucket and find a texture, I'm going to show you an example of what I made:

Posted Image It's starting to get a shape!!!


Next, scaling. This will require some work and various tries. Now do a squary in all your model (Select everygthing), right click it and do Make Group. Now Click S until it's like this:

Posted Image


You have to have Sketchup Pro, so you now enter File, Export, 3D Model then Options and select Single Object in the menu. Click OK and now choose .3ds. Next we gotta resize textures. It has to be 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, etc. Just choose the resolution that's closer if it's not already at that res. Get G-TXD once the textures are resized and fire it up. Do file, New and:

Posted Image


Choose San Andreas then. Now click the Plus sign and then right click and click yet again the Plus Sign. Now search for the textures:

Posted Image


Now download GMax aka Free 3dsmax and register their site to get a serial. Also get Kam's Script and follow instructions to install after you installed GMAX then go to the gmax folder, Scripts, GTA Tools and fire up GTAMax.exe. GMax will open. What you gotta do now is click File, Import and search for the .3ds you saved:

Posted Image


Well. Now you insert these files in gta3.img (read other tuts here) and get SA Map editor. After that fire it up and select your SA Install. Now go to Scene and render the place where you wanna put the model. In the IDE and IPL tabs, select the same. Now on the IDE tab, go to Add Item and write the names of the model and texture. Click OK. Good, now to to IPL and select the same place you rendered and click New. There, select (again) the place you saved the model in IDE and search for the model in the end of the list. Self explanatory as always, set the position of the model and voila. You have it in game. Be sure to save, if it crashes you didn't do something well.

Notice from galexcd:
Since this tutorial has been posted else where it must be in quotes, even if it was written by you. All content on Xisto must be original to Xisto, not just written by you.

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