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What Would You Like To See In The New Counter Strike The new CS

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We are approching the discussion of the next Counter Strike and would like your views!
We all know there is something that needs improving whether its the new player skins or what ever.
This is your chance to express your views to us and we will put them through at are next discussion!

My view is that Counter Strike should no longer have anything to do with Steam as many of you would probally agree with me.
I once brought Counter Strike and went to install it then bang! Out of no where I got a message I was dreading saying it was a duplicate cd-key. :)
I contacted support about this and it took them 2 weeks for a response and even then it wasent what I wanted!

Please reply and help us out!
Views and expressions will be appreciated.

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Bump. (<- Sorry for the bump Mods/Admins)Andrew, what do you mean by the sentence "new Counter-Strike"? You mean CSO? (Counter-Strike: Online)?? The latest CS out is only CS:Source, I doubt Valve would bring out a fully upgraded and better CS out then CS:S. If they did, then obviously I'd get it (

Download via Warez

) ;). What do others think?

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