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Ragnarok Online Server Looking For Player 8d

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Private Ragnarok Online Server



++ 100% Free MMORPG ++

++ Intense PvP and Guild Warfare Action ++

++ Party to take down big world bosses ++

++ Fight in the War of Emperium, and War of Emperium 2.0 ++

++ Quest for experience and items ++

++ Dungeons with relentless zombies and fierce creatures ++


Server Info:

Low High Rates of 400x Base Experience, 400x Job Experience, 75x Drop Rate

All Classes, over 30 in total! Swords, Daggers, Bows, Guns, Magic and more!

A stable and fast server provides lag-less play experience with our game. 99.7% uptime!

Friendly Community: Connect with us in game and on our forum. Trade items, chat, and make friends!

Level up, gather strong equipment and join a powerful guild. Then, rebirth and become even stronger!

Intricate PvP formulas breeds the best PvPers and shows who should come out on top.

Balanced gears! No donation items over powering quest gears.


Try us out! You wont ever go back to pay for an online game after you've had the best MMORPG experience for Ragnarok Online!


HEY!!! It's Time to Kippy!!

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