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Making Wordpress Themes :part 1

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This a the first post in the series of "making wordpress themes" you can find everything on codex.wordpress.com but it is very difficult to understand for biggeners and i have eloborated the topic and the basics for newbies and learners Please refer http://www.w3schools.com/ (if you dont know php ,html, css). The aim is understand the code and file structure so that you know where to go and what to do there to edit and make a theme yourself.learning to make/edit wordpress themes will be an opportunity to learn and gain expertise is CSS , PHP ,XHTML also.


Part 1:Starting from theme Code structure:


This topic is just a basic understanding of the Anotony and structure of wordpress themse code structure (&files)


//More specific topics like making header, footer, sidebar , main content(the loop) , plugin will be covered from next part/post onwards m working on them


quote from wordpress

A traditional web page consists of two files:


The XHTML page to hold the structure and content of the page and

the CSS Style Sheet which holds the presentation styles of the page.


In WordPress, the (X)HTML structure and the CSS style sheet are present but the content is generated "behind the scenes" by various template files. The template files and the style sheet are stored together as a WordPress Theme.

you can notice this when you open the theme folder


(where test is the DEFAULT THEME folder)

you can see files like

index.php(the main template file)

header.php(for the header of your page),sidebar.php(for the sidebar of your page) , image.php(to manage images(linked) like social bookmarking icons etc.

footer(for the footer of your webpage)

functions.php (for functions if any)

and other simple ones like comment.php,links.php etc


You also have a style sheet

style.css & rlt.css

before moving forward have a loot at wordpress page structures here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Stepping_Into_Templates


In this above page ( link) you will easily understand simple and complex page structures. Most important part is the file related to different part of the structures


Basically this is a structure of code files for a standard(simple/default) layout:

quote from wordpress


|-> theloop.php (The Content)

|-> wp-comments.php



|-> searchform.php




However, this structure can be changed. For instance, you could put the search form in your header. Perhaps your design does not need a footer, so you could leave that template out entirely.

It also includes other files like functions.php to and other files for support like style.css which is the stylesheet file for the style of your site and more..

To understand better template file hiarchy click on the link , this will help you understand the files and their working/importance better and files included to make a part of page like categories(you will find all files related to categoties)


Next: Dealing with the headers > continued...

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