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Hi Everybody Im Spiritfall

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My friends call me Spirit. :angel: I'm from Romania and I found this website searching on google for good webhosts. This is the best free webhost I ever found. I like that the emails, subdomains, mysql databases, ftp accounts, all of them are unlimited. It's not very easy for me though because all of the posts are in english. I mean, I speak english well but sometimes I just can't find my words. Why don't you make some forums in foreign languages? Maybe you`ll attract more users. I don't know, this is just my opinion. :( You know what's better to do.

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Welcome to the forums Spirit (a question, why spirit, it's a cool nickname, do you know what Spirit means in English?). I hope you will enjoy your stay here and post in the forums. I too, can't find my words that i need to write something, i can understand all posts but i can't write my own, my grammar sucks too. It would be cool if we had at least a topic in foreign languages. Anyway, i recommend that you read the trap 17 readme where you can find also the forum rules-read them and follow the rules so you don't get banned or warned

Hope to see you soon.

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