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How To Put Custom 3d Text As Screen Saver [windows Xp] Tutorial with Picture, text and video

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Here is a tutorial for how to put custom 3d text screen saver. I know many of you know this, but this is for the ones hwo don't know how to put custom 3d text tutorial.


Step 1:

Go to desktop, right click on empty area with no icons and choose Properties.

A window will pop up, choose the tab Screen Saver.

Step 2:

From the drop-down list choose 3D Text and Click on the button Settings

Step 3:

In the Text area (top, left corner) in Custom Text: write what text you want to use as a Screen Saver and which font

Choose the Resolution to be High or Low, the size Small or Large and the Rotation speed slow or fast. It's better to leave them as they were.

The Motion (Rotation Type). Choose what way do you want your 3D Text to rotate. Don't choose None, becouse that way you will lose the 3D effect

Now edit the Surface Style.

Check Solid color and Custom color so you can choose your custom color that you want your text to be.

Don't check the other two.

And check the Show Specular Highlights

Step 4:

Click the OK button. Then click Apply when the Display Settings window comes up. Then Click on the button Preview to preview your screen saver that you just made.


And you are finished. Now you have your custom 3d Text Screen saver. Congratulations :(

Here is a picture to make your work easier


And here is the video on youtube:



Everything (the Text, the pictures and the video) is made by me. I hope you liked it and i hope i helped you.

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