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Firefox Addons -- Ease Of Use And Optimiztion Check out these fun little tools

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Alright Lets get started with our firefox apps.

3bannana 3banana website.
Save --> share notes quickly, and easily online.

One of the SINGLE most important things is a single location for all of your general stuff.
he Interwebs has a bunch of things for this available. personally, Ive used for a fairly long time now. Many People use Google Notebook], or any of a number of applications that let you record everything in your head and your life.
you can sign into banana with your gmail account. No new info to remember just log in with your Gmail account ( or other google )Once youre logged in, Adding notes is as simple as possible – type/paste anything into the box, and click (Save Note) button. Whats interesting about 3 Banana is that it accepts all kinds 'a text – it recognizes phone numbers as phone numbers, links as links, and even supports embedding codes so you can watch movies within 3 Banana.There are a load of ways to add more notes to 3 Banana, and theyre all simple and/or easy. Theres an iPhone app and an Android app. Theyre both free, all simple, and all support the same featurs as the regular 3 banana interface.One of the best features about 3 Banana is the Share ing its great when it comes to letting you Make and share everything from a single note to your whole notebook! At the bottom of your notes there are links to share it in a huge mass of ways – email, myspace, etc or even just by a link. This makes 3 Banana perfect for sharing information with friends, colleagues co workers, etc, and anyone else in your life.
( IT WORKS ON OTHER BROWSERS, its not an app, but its pretty nice )

Adding more, Post here if you use this, or am going to start using it. more will come with time :(

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