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Health Care Question Is it worth it

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In the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA health - care is becoming a rising issue and topic-of-discussion.

The Price Is Rising.

The accesability is decreasing.

Most people who lose their job, lost their health care.


Most peoples Health Insurance, that they pay for directly is within $200 - $600 a MONTH.

The average person whos NOT that disease where you think you have diseases, goes to the hospital once every 2 months.

I...believe that every American has the right to affordable health care." Rx: Ensure coverage for all children through private or public plans. Employers who don't offer health benefits must contribute to the cost of a new National Health Insurance Exchange, a marketplace in which people who don't have employer insurance or public coverage shop for plans. Expand public programs for low-income people. Impose limits on private sector health care business profits. See PoliGraph for this issue > The Uninsured: Cover children first through expanded public programs Obama would expand SCHIP programs to insure all children, then create a public health insurance plan for Americans with incomes above the Medicaid cut-off line but who are unable to get insurance through their employers. All employers would be required to contribute toward health coverage for their employees or to the new public plan. See PoliGraph for this issue >

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I believe the healthcare system of the united states should be improved on. I guess if that doesn;t happen, Healthcare will start to decline and nobody wants that to happen. The government now is in a tight position, it must pay out to its citizens under high pressure. I wouldn;t want to be in that situation..

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