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Old Schoole Review: Megaman I

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You know summer is almost here when thousands of students across the US are graduating from high school and college and begin a new life. That of course includes yours truly but I thought I would start the summer early by going through one of the biggest franchises in Capcom history and no its not Streetfighter but Mega Man.


I remember this franchise quite well as I started with Mega Man 2 and then would go on to play 1, 3 and 4 during Nintendo's golden years. One of my greatest memories was with Mega Man 3 in which a group of friends and I, with a Game Genie, were on the verge of beating Mega Man 3 when he got in trouble or rather we got in trouble. She told us to turn the game off and we got booted out of the house, we never did beat that game, but we were on the secondary bosses when we got into trouble.


Of course, it was last year when Capcom went old school with Mega Man 9 and went 16 bit graphics and also the most difficult games in the Mega Man franchise. Either way, I thought it was time to review this series and start with Mega Man 1 and let us get old school and review this game.


Mega Man 1


Some Screen Shots


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Game Maker: Capcom


Year: 1987


Price: $40-$50 a game


Levels: 7 (4 sub levels in Dr. Wily Stage)


Graphics: 8


Mini-Games: none


Difficulty: Back then 10 Now: 8


Game play:


Side scrolling run and jump action with special weapons




Dr. Wily, Dr. Light's assistant, who is angry that his contributions have not been acknowledged by the world, reprograms the six Robot Masters (Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man and Fire Man) that they had designed for industrial purposes and uses them in an attempt at world domination. He also attempts to reprogram Rock, the robot they had designed as a lab assistant, but Rock resists the reprogramming. In order to stop Wily's evil plan, Dr. Light upgrades Rock into a battle robot called Mega Man.


First Impressions:


Although I did not play this when it first come out, but when I did I was holy crap this game is hard. Never did get to Dr. Wily, of course those disappearing and reappearing blocks where the most annoying and frustrating part of the game as well. On top of that by the time you got to the bosses you were usually had one or two hits before you were killed and so it was just a matter of timing, luck and repetition to beat this game. Of course, patience was a big key into playing this game just because of how difficult some levels were or the fact you use the wrong weapon on a boss as well.


22 years later:


The last time I played this game was last year when I decided to play all six games till I beat them all, still found this game challenging. Even with the game genie, this game can be a challenge just because you don't lose any energy one wrong hit could finish you off. Heck, those reappearing/disappearing blocks were still annoying as hell even if I did use the super jump cheat lol. Of course, it help to save often in this game just in case I messed up or use the wrong special weapon on one of the bosses and so what could take days or weeks to finish this game. I think I spent about an hour or so with this game and the games after that.


Overall Ranking: 10


Now for that Catchy slogan--


"Games don't get old, just people!"


--Now for some copyright info--


Images and of course games are copyrighted to its perspective owners blah blah blah. Roms are illegal and so do not get caught blah blah blah or else blah blah blah. Reviews and opinions are my own so don't argue with me unless you can prove otherwise why this game sucks and 100% of the time you are wrong because one your either a new school gamer and don't know a good game when you see it or two, well there is no two so HA!!. All slogans, trademarks and names excluded the games I review are copyrighted to me blah blah and blah. 2007-2009 SM Old School Legend.

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