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I have just borrowed this game from a friend, so I might as well write a review up about it right?


Game Name: Gears0fWar

Personal Rating (1-10): 9.8/10

Game Storyline: The Storyline in Gearsofwar, is that earth has been destoryed by Global warming, and they mvoed to a new planet called Seris (I think thats the name) and then, the original inhabinits pop up to say hello, to then find humans on there home, so, you guessed it, they bomb the crap out of the humans, most are dead except for a few, these few are some like Marcus and Dominic (or Dom), as you venture through the alien infested planet, alot happens, it turns out there is a wepon that can destory the big colony, so you sett out to find it, and after you do, you blow up the whole colony, so they think...

XBL Experience (if any): Althought GearsOfWar only allows 4on4, you still get an amazing expierence out of it, the guns are even and the maps are intresting, its good how they realease maps aswell

Maximum users in game: 8

Game Creators (company): Epic

Number of Achievements:56

Number of Gamerscore: 1250

Tips: Duck Cover and ROLL

Overall Gameplay: I was blown away by the gameplay in gearsofwar, its absolutely FANTASTIC - the graphics and sound enhance giving it a great expierence..



Presentation: 9.9 This proves that we should stop global warming... this game is freaky, and I definitly think that if I had a choice, I would hang myself then go through this stuff


Graphics: 10 The graphics really did make thsi game stand out, gearsofwar has really got, amazing graphics, a perfect combination of beauty and destruction, great gradiants and amazing characters.


Sound: 10 The Sound in this game is one word MIND BLOWING, it gets you so hyped up, the character voice and the explosions, all the guns and the variety, its abosulety a 100% to sh!t your pants!


Gameplay: 9.8 With the Graphics and Sound at this level, its easy to become addicted to the multiplayer and campaign, its so intense and packed withe excitement, everything is fair no matter what, the maps are even and one thing beats another.


Lasting Appeal: 9.3 The campaign will take roughly 13 hours, but its a great 13 hours, Epic has created amazing multiplayer and crazy leaderboards, all you want to do is get the 100th HeadShot! or your 1000th Kill


9.8! Outstanding!


Gears Of war is a Amazing, if you havent played it, you definatly missed out.

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God. This was the first game that I got with my 360, and I was more than pleased with the results. The game is one of the most graphically amazing, and by far, will always sit as one of my favorites of all time. Nothing more satisfying then the feeling of your enemies skull giving way under your over sized, steroid enhanced foot. Plus watching someone's headless body drop to it's knee's is pretty frickin sweet.

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