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Join A Quickly Growing Runescape Clan! Runescape clan awesome owning cwars everything

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Have you ever wanted to be part of a group?

Or maybe you've always wanted to OWN some impertinent noob?

Well, whatever your reasons, I've got an excellent solution: Join one of the quickest growing clans on Runescape!

Join L I L Angelo!!!! (AKA Masterlink50)


The DAWG POUND is a friendship based "everything"clan. We participate in clan wars, bounty hunter, duel arena, and non combat stat training!

Our Clan Wars record as of this date is 34-7!


Once you join the DAWG POUND, you'll always be part of it! You'll meet friends that will help you on quests and friends that will listen to your problems! =)



Our Leader the one and only Masterlink50 is lvl 95 with over 70 magic, range, strength,defence, and attack! We also have many other high ranking members 70+

Just how can you join this clan?

In four simple steps you will be on your way to join one of the most dope clans in RS.


1. Check out our new site and REGISTER as a CLAN MEMBER! (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/)

2. Join the L I L Angelo CC(clan chat) whenever your online, theres bound to be someone on!

3. Pm any of our member for more info or just to get to know them better!

4. Tell a friend, it doesnt hurt to have some1 you know in a clan!


We accept every1!


All info can be found at our site, or contact one of these Generals in game:



3. H A P L 0

4. Masterlink50

5. L I L Angelo

6. d4rkbandit2


Clan membership ends at 75 people so remember to be quick about it!


Post these things in response:

1. Rs Username

2.Combat lvl

3. Highest combat stat

4. Highest non combat stat

5. What days you play runescape

6. What time you play (make sure to put the time zone!)


Your soon to be clan leader,

Masterlink50 (L I L Angelo)

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