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Does Life Have A Purpose? (what about YOUR life?)

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For years I have been pushing that nagging question aside. What is the purpose of life? It is such a difficult question to answer that trying to answer made me feel uncomfortable and I just did not like to deal with it, so I got on with life as usual.


Recently the question kept popping into my head so often I just could not ignore it anymore. I had to face it. I started reading all I could about it and thinking hard on the topic. Then I realized one thing: There are two different questions here:

Does life (IN GENERAL) have a purpose ?

Does MY life have a purpose?

I decided that the answer to question 1 is "probably not", but feel free to disagree! I think there is not a one-size-fits-all purpose that will work for everybody. We are not all built with the same purpose just because we all have a life.


I also decided that what I really needed to answer was question 2: Does MY life have a purpose? The answer at the time was a resounding I DO NOT KNOW. I did not know if my life had a purpose. No clue. In fact, I should say that it felt like my life did NOT have a purpose. What I did know is that, if at all possible, I wanted to find out what my purpose was. But how? Nobody teaches you how to figure that out in school, or even in college.


Now for the good news, I now feel that my life does have a purpose but I do need to do some work to discover what that purpose is. I have started another topic: How To Figure Out What Your Purpose In Life Is. If possible, I would like the current topic to stay focused on the discussion about whether life (or your life) has a purpose?


So what do you think?





I can't wait to know what you think :P


Also, if you feel this topic should have been started in a different section, please let me know, I could not find one that was exactly fitted to the topic.

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